Mars Colonization Room 火星殖民|Moon and Beyond 月亮之上

We are pleased to introduce our project, the Mars Colonization for the Moon and the Beyond exhibition at Guangzhou Haixinsha Exhibition Center. Opening on December 20th, 2019, the exhibition traces human’s footprints of lunar exploration and at the same time, inviting people to have firsthand experience of the wonders of the space through various immersive activities. Featured on multiple media such as CCTV,  the exhibition also echoes the IAU’s approval of the name Statio Tianhe for the landing site where the Chinese spacecraft Chang’e-4 touched down on January 3rd this year.
我们很高兴的介绍位于广州海心沙展览馆的月亮之上 Moon and Beyond太空艺术大展的火星殖民项目。展览于2019年12月20日开始,追溯了人类探月航天历程,并同时邀请参观者通过多样的沉浸式活动亲身体验太空的奇妙。此次展览被多家媒体如CCTV等报道,也恰好响应了国际天文学联合会 (IAU)对嫦娥四号着陆区域月球地理实体命名为“天河基地”的批准。

V. Elite collaborated with CNSA and decided to use Mars as the dawning of space adventure, transforming the once mysterious planet into an interactive audiovisual installation that allows visitors to unearth the secrete of the space. 
We set up a room using video projections to cover all the walls that will respond to and interact with the Mars installation in the center. We work with CLEP and NASA to get the authoritative image data, offering a unique experience. The spherical Mars installation is designed to be touchable so that by rotating it, visitors can activate the movement sensors, and thus change the content of the video. To improve this experience, we combine light and surround sound with images, trying to offer a faithful representation of the space. 


The Mars installation also features several mark points. This is designed to encourage visitors to discover new information about the future colonization of mars as well as enjoy random visual effects.

We are delighted to contribute to the exhibition, enriching the way of educating the young generation about the progress and achievement that China made in the science field and once again, fusing art and science to promote people’s cultural experience. The exhibition is on view until April 5th, 2020 and continues to travel to 7 cities. 


We are pleased to announce that our project for the Soul of Wushu in the 58th Venice Biennale ends successfully with so much support from different media platforms. 我们很高兴的宣布在多方媒体平台的支持下,中华武魂在第58届威尼斯双年展的项目成功落下了帷幕。

We are pleased to announce that our project for the Soul of Wushu in the 58th Venice Biennale ends successfully with so much support from different media platforms. 我们很高兴的宣布在多方媒体平台的支持下,中华武魂在第58届威尼斯双年展的项目成功落下了帷幕

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Jaguar XFL Launch Event by VisualElite Digital Media Labs

The famous JAGUAR Luxury Car Brand Entrusted us to create a new visual world for their acclaimed New XFL LUNCH EVENT 2016 Shanghai edition. Visual Elite was commissioned to design a fully operational puppet crafted Design, to show the futuristic style of the new and modern XFL Jaguar model for their acclaimed New XFL LUNCH EVENT in Shanghai. Great efforts were put on materiality, lighting and obviously a specific spatial setup with a subtle narrative. The design brief challenged us to show the complete line in every shot in a believable setup.

The event was very successful and is featured on our VisualElite Showcase page as well listed on our  VisualElite Digital Media Labs page