“FIFTEEN MINUTES OF FAME” by @VisualeliteThe idea of fifteen minutes of fame Installation was inspired by Andy Warhol’s declaration, ‘In the future, everyone will be world-famous for fifteen minutes’. Visualelite create and provide an Interactive Installation for The Russel Young SUPERSTAR exhibition in Modern Art Museum of Shanghai on 27/Oct till 6/Jan, an opportunity for the audience to participate and experience fame through technology and interaction.

An Interactive Art concept photobooth where the audience is free to shoot silk-print effect photos, after that the photograph will be transferred to the third floor of the Museum, and display for ‘15 minutes long With the star legend photograph, and you may be next Superstar!


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Jaguar XFL Launch Event by VisualElite Digital Media Labs

The famous JAGUAR Luxury Car Brand Entrusted me to create a new visual world for their acclaimed New XFL LUNCH EVENT 2016 Shanghai edition. I was commissioned to design a fully operational puppet crafted Design, to show the futuristic style of the new and modern XFL Jaguar model for their acclaimed New XFL LUNCH EVENT in Shanghai. Great efforts were put on materiality, lighting and obviously a specific spatial setup with a subtle narrative. The design brief challenged me to show the complete line in every shot in a believable setup. 

The event was very successful and is featured on our VisualElite Showcase page as well listed on our  VisualElite Digital Media Labs page