(English) Mars Colonization Room 火星殖民|Moon and Beyond 月亮之上


(English) A NEW Interactive Wall Installation-Urban Theatre | Salone del Mobile.Milano Shanghai

V. Elite’ s projectUrban Theater in collaboration with TriumphsAsia for the Red Night Gala of Salon del Mobile.Milano Shanghai is revealed on September 11th.
Under the theme of THE URBAN THEATRE, The Gala is held at the MIFA 1862 Theatre designed by architect Kengo Kuma. Being the most renowned and largest furniture fair of its kind in the world, Salon del Mobil.Milano is more than a bustling space filled with the achievements of ingenious ideas. It’s also a conceptual space celebrating the interaction between distinctive innovative minds.
以“城市剧院”为主题,此次派对在由建筑师隈研吾设计的艺术中心MIFA 1862剧院举办。米兰国际家具展览会作为世界盛名的家具展会,不仅仅是一个创意结晶的聚集地。它同时也是一个庆祝着不同新奇灵感互动的概念空间。
As a homage to the partnered La Scala, the famed theatre in Milan, the Gala is designed to show the transformation of a traditional event venue into new space, where the stage usually separating audiences and performers disappears, and instead, an inclusive, immersive and interactive ground is presented for free exploration of cultural cohesion.
为表示对与此次展览合作的著名的米兰剧院La Scala的敬意,派对设计将传统的活动地点转变为一个崭新的空间,将观众和表演者隔离开来的舞台不复存在,取而代之的是一个探索文化凝聚的包容的,沉浸式的互动场地。


V.Elite initiates the idea of “Interactive Wall”, an installation that allows audiences to play with.


The intense red is used to emphasize the urban scene of Shanghai and Milan. V.Elite also adds the record of the cities sound and the most popular theatrical act of Shanghai theatre and La Scala. The recorded cities sound is also able to generate a special visual effect that strengthens an immersive experience. 
强烈的红色被用于突显米兰和上海的城市景象。罗旭科技加入了城市音效以及上海剧院和La Scalas广受欢迎的剧幕。城市音效同时能够带来特别的视觉效果,以此加强沉浸式体验感。
Standing in front of the wall, audiences can play with the projected shapes of their own movements, which also change along with the surrounding environment. By doing so, V.Elite offers audiences the possibility of free self-exploration in a dramatized theatrical setting.
观众站在墙前,可以与自身运动被捕捉后投射在墙上的形状互动, 形状也会随着周围环境而改变。以此,罗旭科技为观众提供了一次在戏剧化场景中自由探索自我的可能。
Being aware of the importance of self-expression, V. Elite transfigures a traditional collective without ignoring and compromising individual experiences. With a vision to bridge between different cultures, V. Elite hopes that technology can be the effective mean of embracing distinctive creativities and at the same time recording people’s personal journeys in the city.
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(English) We are pleased to announce that our project for the Soul of Wushu in the 58th Venice Biennale ends successfully with so much support from different media platforms. 我们很高兴的宣布在多方媒体平台的支持下,中华武魂在第58届威尼斯双年展的项目成功落下了帷幕。



“FIFTEEN MINUTES OF FAME” by @VisualeliteThe idea of fifteen minutes of fame Installation was inspired by Andy Warhol’s declaration, ‘In the future, everyone will be world-famous for fifteen minutes’. Visualelite create and provide an Interactive Installation for The Russel Young SUPERSTAR exhibition in Modern Art Museum of Shanghai on 27/Oct till 6/Jan, an opportunity for the audience to participate and experience fame through technology and interaction.

An Interactive Art concept photobooth where the audience is free to shoot silk-print effect photos, after that the photograph will be transferred to the third floor of the Museum, and display for ‘15 minutes long With the star legend photograph, and you may be next Superstar!


Check out the project page at: http://www.cmrvisualelite.com/showcase/russel-young-superstar-exhibition/

Jaguar XFL Launch Event by VisualElite Digital Media Labs

The famous JAGUAR Luxury Car Brand Entrusted me to create a new visual world for their acclaimed New XFL LUNCH EVENT 2016 Shanghai edition. I was commissioned to design a fully operational puppet crafted Design, to show the futuristic style of the new and modern XFL Jaguar model for their acclaimed New XFL LUNCH EVENT in Shanghai. Great efforts were put on materiality, lighting and obviously a specific spatial setup with a subtle narrative. The design brief challenged me to show the complete line in every shot in a believable setup. 

The event was very successful and is featured on our VisualElite Showcase page as well listed on our  VisualElite Digital Media Labs page